Monday, August 22, 2011

The road to Seaford and Aireys Inlet...

I have spent the last week staying with friends in Seaford, down near Frankston. This requires that I travel through the tunnel and along the motorway, Eastlink. I have got better at the tunnel, though I do find it disconcerting when the GPS shows me and my little van actually travelling under the river!

Then last Friday I headed off to Aireys Inlet for their Words Festival, to listen to authors and illustrators, Roland Harvey, Elisabeth Honey and my pal Jackie Kerin. They all talked about their inspiration and their craft of creating stories and books. Jackie talked about the creation of her book, Phar Lap, the Wonder Horse. She also told more stories on her kamishibi, a traditional Japanese storytelling theatre. I love Jackie's stories, based on historical research and a great passion for characters and events through time.

Aireys Inlet also has an old lighthouse. It was International Lighthouse Day... Both Jackie and I tell adaptations of the "Lighthouse Keepers Lunch" by David and Rhonda Armitage, in our story sessions for small children.

Aireys Inlet also had a great van park where Toot Toot and I settled for a couple of days. There were not many people at the southern tip of the continent this last weekend - well, not many at the van park, so I had a fabulous stay with the camp kitchen and games room all to myself.

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