Thursday, September 1, 2011

What was that about a journey?

Infinite Horizons - the Fred Williams exhibition at the National Gallery in Canberra, captures how my journey has been for the last week. Toot Toot and I have been making our way across the landscape with a little help from Sean, my Irish GPS. The landscape has changed at every turn - colours, hillsides dotted with trees and livestock, woods and forests that crowd all around and most of all a breathtaking climb through the mountains from Goulburn to Oberon and on to Bathurst. At times on this drive as I made my way across a plateau above the Abercrombie River National Park I was surrounded by newly felled forests that stretched away to a horizon outlined by mountains in the deepest of blues. The road wound round and round with treacherous drops at the side and Toot Toot followed my every turn with steadfast determination. Then we would plunge down into the valleys and cross streams amidst tall timber again and the dappled sunlight and shadow was indeed like a Fred Williams kaleidoscope. Colour, colour all around, light and dark.

But before I set off from Goulburn I was in Canberra for three days. Sean was not much use to me in Canberra as I did not have exact addresses or even any idea where I was most of the time. Partially this is because of a bad childhood memory of being lost in Canberra on a family holiday while my parents struggled to navigate around the city circles. We would see the monument, or the hotel, but could never quite find our way there. This time I thought I would be fine with Sean to help, but that did not work out. So I left the car at the van park and took buses at first this worked fine. The Fred Williams exhibition was exquisite and I spent hours at the National Gallery. By the time I got to go to the War Memorial I had enough courage to take Toot Toot again and believe it or not, we found it no worries...

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